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Tattoo Culture

21st-century search for tribalism

By changing our appearance at a subjective level, for example by styling our hair or adding make-up, jewelry and clothing we try to express ourselves.

But besides these “temporary” ways of altering our appearance, there are also more permanent options like tattooing.

In the last couple of years, tattoos have been widely represented in fashion. This permanent form of body alteration is in conflict with the ever-changing trends that represent our present fashion system up till now.

So how does this tattoo “trend” connect to deeper shifts in contemporary culture and what does it mean (can it mean) for the way fashion brands operate. I will make a connection between globalization, the upcoming generations and the 21st-century search for tribalism.

Date 02-2013
Category Conceptualization, Connecting disciplines, Copywriting, Design research, Design thinking, Graphic design, Storytelling, Visual design