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Original counterfeit

What makes an original, an original? And why does this matter?

In fashion copying is something which is done freely when it comes to design. Styles and silhouettes are borrowed from- or inspired by other time periods, workwear and even from other brands. But when it comes to branding originality and ownership are issues that are approached in a conservative matter. Walking around with a counterfeit for instance, is not desirable; especially if the “fakeness” is visible.

Traveling through northern Asia I saw this “fakeness” approached in a more frivolous way. Ingenious designers tweak small portions of a logo or name and freely combine them to create something new; and people actually wear it. Often funny or confusing but mostly inspiring.

In this piece I will ask what we can learn from this “acceptance of counterfeit culture” and how it relates to the open design movement and emerging collaborative approaches. I will explore a more free approach to owner ship and how designers can implement it in their branding practice.

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Category Conceptualization, Copywriting, Design research, Design thinking, Graphic design, Innovation, Storytelling, Visual design